What should you bring?


We are happy for your willingness to join us for this event.

Hopefully, the weather will be nice and will not disturb our summer festivities.


We would like to ask you to bring:

  • something for the dinner potluck (for yourself and your friends)
  • flashlight(s) (they may turn out to be useful in the dark)
  • protection against possible rain / sun / mosquitoes
  • great mood and enthusiasm


The organisers and volunteers do their best to make it a successful event, therefore we would be grateful if you could show cooperative spirit by:


  • ADORNING YOURSELVES WITH FLOWER WREATHS. Field flowers are not abundant around, so if you spot some on your way, you might consider bringing them along.


  • SINGING TOGETHER. On the website, you can find the lyrics of the songs. Please print them out and join the singers! The Lithuanian language is not that hard to learn ☺


  • if you PLAY any instrument, be sure to bring it with you, there could be an opportunity to play by the bonfire at night.