Warm welcome to volunteers!

The more volunteers, the easier and the merrier the preparation will be.

Every kind of help is a priceless support to the organizers. In exchange, you are guaranteed a sense of community and solidarity, and last but not least – you will save on your participation fee!


Your assistance is most welcome in the following


“Flower Fairies”: picking and collecting flowers and herbs, making wreaths and decorating the structures used for the event.

“Oak Power”: men needed to build the gates, the “Kupolė”, to set up tables and tents, to prepare the offering stone, the bonfire and other things that need strong hands and muscles.

“Clean Buzz”: looking after the dinner and breakfast tables, and cleaning the area once the festivities are over… (possible to arrive on Saturday by 3 PM).

“Butterfly hunters”: preparing and posting indications, helping to register the participants, showing people to their accommodation…


If you can stay after the celebration and help with putting the place back in order without a volunteer’s badge, you would be very much appreciated by the whole team.


Pictures of volunteer works 2018: https://myalbum.com/album/qCt93vWwxsFR

Registration of volunteers ends on June 20!


Volunteers are requested to arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning (11 AM at the latest).

For accommodations, see  LODGING

Thank you for your good will!