If you don’t know yet what the Lithuanian feast of Rasos or Joninės (St. John’s feast) is,

it is high time to discover it this year on June 29-30, the last weekend of June.

When you arrive at the lovely French town of Laifour, which lies in the valley of the river Meuse,

you will meet Lithuanians and  some Latvians from Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania itself!

They all come here to experience the joy of encounters,

to dive into the heart of the flourishing nature,

to touch upon the echoes of Ancient Baltic countries,

to feel the mysticism of the shortest night of the year and to experience its fun…

We  experience it all through the heritage of our ancestors: rites, songs, and dances…

Let us treat ourselves to the luxury of feeling part of, and creators of, the Baltic culture.