Midsummer’s Eve / St. John’s / Rasos festival of 2019


June 29th, Saturday


 15:30 Arrival, registration of participants, settling down


17:30 Beginning of the feast by the river:

  • ceremony at the gates of the feast
  • welcome to the participants
  • greetings to participants named Jonas (John), Janina (Jane) and Rasa


18:30 Meadow of Kupolė (Maypole/Midsummer pole)

  • singing, collecting flowers for the Kupolė, future-telling with flowers
  • making flower wreaths, throwing them on the Kupolė pole
  • wreath making atelier for children


20:00 Sacrum


  • paying homage to rye and bread
  • paying homage to the oak tree
  • rituals at the altar
  • seeing off the sun


20:30 Continuation of the feast by the river

  • setting the bonfire
  • feast table served for all participants
  • circle dances and dancing by the bonfire


22:30 Fire rituals:

  • floating of wreaths 
  • setting the Stebulės(Midsummer Poles) on fire
  • jumping over the bonfire 


23:30 The Fern Blossom

  • the legend of the fern blossom
  • fern “treasure” hunt in teams or individually


00.00 Midnight feasting

  • night dances
  • legends of the Ardennes (told by Jean Davenne)
  • songs by the bonfire

June 30th, Sunday

– washing faces in the morning dew

­– from 9:30, breakfast by the river

– greeting of the sun with songs

– thanking the volunteers

– tidying up the environment, collecting litter

– goodbyes, departure